Which was the best Forex robot in 2019?

At this time of the year, the usual question is, which is the best Forex robot, but is the answer the usual too?
If I examine the question considering the usual condition, that the robot has to run on a live account all year long, there is no question, because there was only one such robot. And this is Forex Cyborg. Since it was the only racer, all we have to do is to check whether it deserves the podium again, as this robot already won last year.
This year’s result, on a live account is 48.3%.

Based on that, I think it deserves to be on the podium. So, the best forex Forex for me in 2019 is Forex Cyborg 2019.
Looking at the chart, it seems that the start of the year was not the best. I started running it on the best currency pairs of 2018. Meanwhile, Brexit announcements, traditionally scheduled for night hours, have disrupted trading. The robot could not handle them properly, it is not incidental that it only trades in the night hours, because the volatility is the lowest then. After the first half of the year, it turned out that not the best currency pairs were selected, so another selection was made in June. Later on, only one refinement was introduced, that the robot does not run directly on the live account, but I only copy the results of the demo to it, because the demo account performed better. Practically, this setup has been running since July and it has done well. It would have been good on the same pairs already at the beginning of the year, but I can’t reverse the wheel of time anymore. I plan to start next year with several types of selections.
If you want to know about it, come back later or write me!