Presentation of the Tension Trader Forex Robot

Nowadays, I’m not very active in robot presentations. One of the main reasons for this is that I do not want to waste time on a robot that is not too trustworthy at first sight. But now, I’ve found one that looks pretty interesting, the Tension Trader Forex robot .

The short essence of the trend momentum trading strategy it uses is to recognize market trends and the underlying forces. It draws a conclusion from these, on how strong the trend is and whether it is worth to trade it. The most important information for me is that the robot does not use strategies I’m trying to avoid from far away, because I consider them pernicious.

But let the live account statement talk:

The numbers on it are very sympathetic .When writing this article, I can report a monthly average of around 20%, with a drawdown of about 14% only. I like it so far. Accordingly, the result chart also has only minor swings. If Tension Trader can keep this success for a long time, it might bring you pretty good results in the long run.

I did not find a description on how sensitive it is for different types of accounts of different brokers. Based on the fxblue statement on the web page , it turned out that the public account is ecn type.For now, I start demo trading on a Think Markets Standard account.It will probably be appropriate for the robot, as it is one of the STP accounts with the smallest spreads .The installed robot, nevertheless, copies the pending orders from a central server. So, speed is not essential, either. Moreover, the advantage of it is that they can centrally refine the strategy if this is required by market changes.

The web site of the robot is relatively simple. This is very sympathetic for me, because they do not want to make sales with marketing texts, but with their results. For me, the latter is more important.

You can find the website of the robot here and you can also buy it here:

Tension Trader

Its price is USD 497.

You can follow my own demo account here: