Presentation of the Forex Gold Investor Robot

I think who’s already looked around on the Forex robots market, knows the WallStreet robot and its Asia version or the Volatility Factor, perhaps the Forex Trend Detector too. All of these products have long been on the market and some of them are also running on one of my live accounts. Now, the same team launches a new robot, Forex Gold Investor. As its name suggests, it aims to convert the gold price fluctuations into profit.

Unfortunately, you cannot find a live account statement about its activity yet, but since the predecessors were not bad robots, I am looking forward to the test run. However, the public demo account is surprisingly old, it started in October 2014. It could be a mystery why this robot has been hiding so far, but it turns out if we look at the Full History in Custom Analysis. It can be seen that its first quarter was very bad. They did not really trust in it either, because otherwise they would have launched more demo accounts after the bad time. But they did not.

So, data on the statement is therefore not so good, but we are forced to lower our requirements because safety has its price. For me, a 3-year statement with a 4.8% monthly average is more valuable than one with a monthly result of 10-20% or more showing a few months only. Unfortunately, there are big drops on the statement. Although the robot basically sets only a 120 -pip stop for a position, you can still see positions with losses of 1350 pips on the statement. It seems that the robot applies the stop loss flexibly. I will definitely not use it on a live account with these drowdowns of 30-50%. But, I will try it in demo. They do not specify what type of account is optimal for it, but the tests seem to have run on an ECN account, so it is advisable to try it on this type.

I do not want to present the various alluring marketing texts, since only the results and the facts matter.

Its price, as stated on the website is USD 347, which includes a license for one live and for multiple demo accounts. Until now, there was no problem with the money back guarantee of this team, so it’s not a big risk to try it, as we have 60 days to quit and get our money back.

You can find its website here:

Forex Gold Investor

You will be able to follow my own demo account here: