Presentation of the Fluid Trader

I received a new Forex robot, the Fluid Trader. It seems to be a gride robot. We can see enough bad results on its account statement that can be found on the web site. The drawdown went to the under the limit of tolerability on the demo account that can be seen there.

The robot itself has a very simple user interface. In fact, we can only set one thing, the risk we want to run. You can choose between low, medium and high levels. That’s all and nothing more. I started it with a medium level setting on my demo account. The live account on the website, if I calculate the proportion of the capital and the position sizes, runs with a much bigger position sizes, so I think that it may run at high risk.

What we know about its operation is that they found a strategy that works well on the M5 timeline, this was automated and this the soul of the robot. As the results show, from the many currency pairs, the characteristics of AUDUSD and USDCHF suit the robot. In a lot of cases, it manages to make profit on the market with one position. It uses the grid strategy only when the exchange rate does not go into a favorable direction in case of the first position. The strategy used is not broker-dependent, so in theory, it can work on many different accounts. The recommended minimum account size, based on the position size, is USD 1250 at the medium risk level.

You cannot buy it, only obtain a license for 1 year. The fee of this is USD 347. Of course, there is a 30-day money back guarantee.

The web site of the robot, where you can buy the licence:

Fluid Trader

My own demo account, which I started at Think Markets, can be followed here: