Introduction of the FXAdept Forex Robot

I have not found a robot for a long time that I considered worthy of a presentation, but I just got some news about the FXAdept Forex robot and after I checked it, I found it interesting.

They certainly know what users are afraid of, so the web site starts with the explanation that the robot does not use any grid, martingale or scalping strategy (scalping is not allowed everywhere). In short, they use a strategy based on the RSI, but not in the traditional way, they determine the main trend and open a position in its direction. Of course, other filters are also used to achieve the best hit ratio. According to the description, this strategy is not choosy for broker and can be used at any leverage from $ 100. The latter may be interesting because of the new rules to be introduced in the near future. It will turn out what this exactly means in their case because, as I can see, there were more open positions at the same time. That is why I think you cannot open too big positions at 1:30 leverage. I will install it at the end of the week and then I’ll have time to take a closer look at the settings.

The live account statement is quite appealing. When writing this article, it showed a 14% average monthly yield, with a drawdown of 18%, after trading for 6.5 months. The robot trades only on the USDJPY currency pair.

The result chart is beautiful. Only smaller drops can be seen on it. If it trades so in the long term, you do not have to take sedatives when using it.

You can find the robot’s website here, where you can also buy the software that can be installed on one account for $ 225:


You can follow my own demo account here: