Installing multiple metatraders on one computer

If you are experienced, and you know the solution, just go ahead and move on. This article is for those who are getting acquainted with robots now and are no longer satisfied with a single metatrader, but want to install more to try multiple robots independently of each other. I get a question about this almost every week, but here is the solution.

I hope the first metatrader installation did not cause any problems. Let’s try the second.

First, rename the existing icon on the desktop (right-click on it and Rename) to something else.

You can now launch the installation of the next metatrader. On the first screen, click the Setting button.

Change the name of the Installation folder and the Program group. (So that you do not overwrite your previous installation with the new one, but the new mt4 will be in a new folder and program group.) The simplest way is to number it just like I do it in general:

You can then continue the installation as usual. If you need another metatrader, remember to rename the last version of the mt4 icon before starting the next installation.