How to Increase the Effectiveness of Forex Cyborg

Forex Cyborg did not bring the best results again, so I decided to examine if it would improve the results if I would not let it trade on Friday night, as the exchange rate often jumps till Monday morning, and not always into the right direction.

I used the statistics of my Fxblue statement, where you can get a summary on the result of a specific day of the week.
It can also be displayed graphically with help of the Filter:
I found that the positions opened on Friday evenings were closed badly on both demo accounts in the last months:

At this point, I wondered if there was another day also in the week when most of the positions were unsuccessful. It turned out that both on the Think Markets and IC Markets demo accounts, positions opened on Tuesdays were responsible for the significant monthly loss (when writing this article -1.78% and -0.9%).

If I had not allowed the robot open positions on Tuesdays and Fridays, my monthly average would be so much better:

(I just want to point out that if you look at statistics on Myfxbook, it makes a statement based on the closing date, but you can change it to filter by opening date.)
I wrote to the developer to put a switch in the robot to set the days on which we let the robot trade. Until then, I decided to shut down the Cyborg robots on my live accounts on Tuesday and Friday evenings and I’ll just switch them back on Wednesday and Monday morning. I will continue to let it trade on the demo every day so that I have data for later statistical analysis.