Forex Earth robot reloaded, but only for risk enthusiasts

I have long been familiar with Forex Earth Robot and its predecessor, the free Last X Bars. I ran it on a live account earlier, but it did not work out well. The reason for writing about it again is the extreme result that it has achieved recently. Of course, extreme risks are combined with the results. So, only those should try it out, who do not care if they lose the money entrusted on the robot. In exchange, there is a chance that they can withdraw their capital invested a few times a month. Because, in my opinion, it’s only worth running it this way. Once it has earned what you have put in it, you have to take it out right away. For the second time, you can risk taking out the capital only when it reaches the 2-3 fold of the initial amount. It’s a real adrenaline bomb when a lot of positions are open on a live account. The following is the live account of the developer and the risk is set to 50% . All other values run with the default setting. (It is, of course, necessary to match trading times to your broker.)

You can buy it on the robot’s website:

Forex Earth Robot

I’m trying to run it first on a demo account, then I’ll trade live, risking $ 100 on it. My demo can be seen here.