Forex Cyborg, Comparison of IC Markets and Think Markets Accounts

I have already mentioned that the behavior of Forex Cyborg is different on the diverse accounts of different brokers. This may be due to the fact that the exchange rates of the accounts, although minimally , do differ, since almost every robot uses price-based indicators in its operation.Therefore, it is worth trying on a demo account how it will behave on your chosen account type.

Basically, as my experience shows, it trades profitably all the recommended currency pairs on the tested accounts. However, based on the results, we can choose which account suits it best and within that, on which pairs it is not worth running it.

When such a robot is developed, they usually select with the help of the strategy tester on which currency pair it can run successfully. Depending on the type of robot, this might have the disadvantage that it is slightly different from reality as far as fulfillment is concerned. It is also true that the market is constantly changing and always produces changes in prices that have not occurred so far.

Let’s look at the experiences so far. Those who do not want to spend time on experimenting, do not risk much if they install the robot on all the recommended currency pairs. It is not likely that it will trade with a loss.

I run the trial version on a Think Markets stp demo account and on a IC Markets ecn demo account. For a more accurate comparison, I only look at a period that is common to each. So, from January 30th, 2018, these results have been achieved on the two accounts, on all the recommended pairs:

Think Markets

forey cyborg demo results

IC Markets

forex cyborg ic markets results

Over these almost three months, the advantage of the IC Markets account can be clearly seen. I wonder if this advantage will remain in half a year or it will change.

You will be able to check my Forex Cyborg demo accounts here, using Custom Analysis tool to set starting with the same day:

Think Markets

IC Markets

Practically, if we include the previously selected good currency pairs in the filter for the period that is examined, we would only get a worse result in each case. Of course, I did not make selections for the size of the result, but I wanted to make the result curve even. But everyone may have their own requirements. For me, even performance is the primary consideration. Many people face the decreases  caused by potential loss-making positions only when trading on a live account, which may then take months for the robot to recover. I would like to avoid these.

In any case, the performance of Forex Cyborg stands out from the numerous robots that have been tested over the past few years. This is not a guarantee for the future anyway, but it gives reason for hope.