Choosing the best performing currency pairs in Forex Cyborg

I am very enthusiastic, because Forex Cyborg is a forex robot that can help me achieve my goals. The secret lies in the details I’m going to get involved in now. I tell you in advance that it will be long.

One of the tricks of tuning, about which I wrote a few days ago, is the selection of trading days based on statistics. For this reason, Tuesday and Friday was excluded in case of Forex Cyborg.

The second is choosing the successful currency pairs. Unfortunately, we are not able to tell in advance, which pairs will be the best in the future, we can only rely on their past performance. So, it may occur, that what we regarded as good based on its previous performance, will not be good in the future. But, unfortunately, the opposite of this can be true as well. What we did not put among the better ones, because it failed the first test, might be a lot more to profitable in the future. But this is less common. For a continuous analysis of this, it’s good if you always run your robot on a demo account every day on all currency pairs, so that you have enough data for further investigation.

It’s been a year since I made the last big selection of Forex Cyborg currency pairs. It was time for a renewed selection. I think it was worth it. In hindsight, I can see how much money I lost by not knowing which pairs would be good. I am confident that the result of this selection will bring good results for a long time.

This is the simplest way to choose between currency pairs

The simplest way is to examine which currency pairs have traded with negative or minimal results and we remove them from trading. We also take the info into consideration that you should deactivate the robot on Tuesdays or other days. Of course, these results will be specific to a particular type of account of a given broker. The longer the test period is, the more accurate the result will be. It is true that this refers to the past, but if we find that it is good for a year or two, then there are high chances that it will be good also in the near future. This allows everyone to find the successful currency pairs.

Fortunately, I have a more than 1.5 year account history available for selection.

(My Think Markets demo account, IC Markets demo account, and the developer’s live FxPig account).

We can also see on myfxbook or FxBlue, which currency pairs were successful in this period. As my live accounts run at IC Markets, so I looked at that.

There, the best performing pairs of Forex Cyborg were these:


(On the Think Markets demo account, a few other pairs we found:


If I would have traded on these only, the results would have been the following after excluding Tuesday and Friday. This is significantly better than the result of the version running every day, on all pairs. Not only the profit chart is straighter, but the biggest drop is also much smaller:

For comparison, here is the result of the original account:

I think, these results speak for themselves. The robot runs with a 4.5% risk on one currency pair. Compared to this, the drawdown of around 7% is a very good number. We can see that we can raise the risk per pair up to 10% without any significant risk. We still do not risk our account. Of course, you have to use an account with a higher leverage, at least 1:400 in order to achieve this.

That was one of selecting methods, the simplest. However, this provides a broker- and account-specific result. So, it’s always worth running a demo account on which we trade all permitted currency pairs to have the basis for making such selections.