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FapTurbo 3.0 again?

Almost two years ago, version 3.0 of the iconic Fapturbo forex robot was released. You do not know this, but FapTurbo was the first Forex robot in my life. It has a big role in that I still deal with Forex robots today. It is true that time has long passed by on that specimen.

Introduction of the Forex Cyborg Forex robot

While browsing the internet, I found the Forex Cyborg Forex robot. I looked more closely at its statement, and found it interesting. Why do I like it? I did not find any signs on the live statement that would indicate grid or martingale strategies. Moreover, its monthly average result met my expectations. Floating was not

Presentation of the Fluid Trader

I received a new Forex robot, the Fluid Trader. It seems to be a gride robot. We can see enough bad results on its account statement that can be found on the web site. The drawdown went to the under the limit of tolerability on the demo account that can be seen there. The robot